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Fuel options

CHGP aims to promote sustainable motorsport, allowing even the oldest, historic cars to race in a more environmentally friendly way. The motorsport world is constantly evolving and has a significant impact on the general, global automotive industry. As an event, we aim to present a responsible image to participants, spectators, and neighbors.

In collaboration with Lindtek.dk, we offer the option to purchase four types of fuel with significantly lower CO2 emissions and harmful substances (see below).

This is an opportunity to drive “greener” without requiring modifications to the car. At the same time, there is no degradation in the car’s performance, as it can run just like on standard fuel.

For cars that normally run on regular gasoline, there are two different fuels that can be used – without requiring any modifications to the car.
Additionally, there are three types of race fuels available for cars that are tuned for them. In both cases, there is no degradation in the car’s performance.

The fuel will be delivered to your tent in the rider paddock on Friday the . 2nd. of August

When purchasing, you will be redirected to the provider’s website and then to the seller’s website, where the purchase will be recorded. To refill barrels for CHGP 2024, proof of purchase must be presented at the site (Bellahøj Park) during the weekend.
For technical inquiries, please contact Tom L. Pedersen at [email protected] or by phone at +45 75661214.