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Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is the flagship of Danish motorsport. CHGP is a race in Bellahøj, Copenhagen – action, drama, speed and entertainment for the whole family.

The Story Behind

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a historic motorsport event held in Copenhagen every year. The first race took place in 1996 under the name Copenhagen Classic Car Cup, which persisted until 2011 when the event was rebranded as Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (CHGP).

In the same year, the event moved to Fælledparken, where it was held until 2013. It was also in 2011 that the Nellemann Group, led by Jac Nellemann, took over the company behind the event. Since then, CHGP has taken place every year (except for the Corona year 2020) on the first weekend of August. The track, located at Bellahøj since 2013, is approximately 2.4 km long, featuring six turns and a 700-meter-long straight (Bellahøjvej).

Over the years, professional race drivers from Denmark and abroad have participated in the event, both as competitors in various classes and as participants in our charity race, Race for Riget. Among the well-known names are Le Mans king Tom Kristensen (CHGP ambassador) and Jan Magnussen (Race for Riget ambassador). Moreover, H.R.H. Prince Joachim is the patron of Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Race for Riget is CHGP’s charity event.

During one hour on both Saturday and Sunday, all guests can purchase coveted rides at Bellahøj Park. All proceeds from the rides are donated in full to the Children and Youth Program at Rigshospitalet. Since 2010, Race for Riget has raised more than DKK 6,500,000 for the program, which helps children and young people through difficult times.

CHGP in the Future:

Although Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is a historic racing event, we aim to stay current with the times and the world of motorsports around us.

CHGP is the flagship of Danish motorsport, and we take pride in that! Therefore, our goal is to pave the way for sustainable and technological initiatives in Denmark and the rest of the Nordic region.

Hence, we aim to be a 100% carbon-neutral event from 2025 – including the fuel used by the race cars!

We believe that by achieving this goal, we can help highlight the sustainable alternatives available to ALL drivers, both those thundering down racetracks and those navigating everyday traffic.

Our environmental efforts are recognized by the FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile). The organization’s environmental certification program awarded CHGP its first green star out of three possible in 2022. In 2023, this was followed by the second green star. With this new pat on the back, we are excited to work hard towards the third and final star in the program.

Energy-efficient driving behaviour

Waste sorting throughout the site

Focus on reducing food waste

Participating Classes

Over the years, various motorsport classes have participated in the race.

65 Class

The 65 class features cars from the period 1961 to 1965, making them relatively technologically comparable! Cars like Ford Falcon, Lotus Elan, Mini Cooper, and many more participate in this class.

Tourenwagen Legenden

In 2023, Tourenwagen Legenden showcased iconic cars from the DMT/ITC, STW, and DTC championships on the track. Racers like the roaring Audi V8 DTM, the nimble BMW M3, and the fiery Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 EVO 1+11 battled side by side in this adrenaline-filled class.

Formula Junior

The Formula Junior class from the 1950s was a showcase for Formula 1 with lower budgets and thus a more popular entry into the sport. The single-seater race cars from the late 1950s and early 1960s guarantee exciting entertainment with dedicated drivers who often travel far to compete on our iconic city track.

71 Class

Roaring Ford Escorts, angry Cortinas, and Porsche 911s ensure competitive races in the 71 class.


Youngtimer is "the youngest of the oldest." Close races are held in standard cars like BMW M3, Audi A3 Turbo, Porsche 944, Toyota Supra, and many more!

90 Class

Opel Kadett Cs, Porsche 911s, and Ford Escorts are just some of the iconic cars participating in this class.

OK Mobil 1 Legends Car Cup

There is entertainment from start to finish when this class races! The cars are built with features like motorcycle engines and rear-wheel drive – all with the sole purpose of racing.

TCR Denmark

TCR Denmark features modern standard cars driven by racers like Nicolai Sylvest, Mike Halder, and Kasper H. Jensen. CHGP is just one of several races in their national championship series.


Bellahøj has also hosted this eTouring Car World Cup series. In modern, electric standard cars converted into race cars, the series has raced around the world with sustainability and innovation in focus.


This class is something special! Here, a series of pairs consisting of a professional race driver and a skilled amateur compete against each other. Over the years, it has featured H.R.H. Prince Joachim with Tom Kristensen against the team of Michelle Gatting and Oscar Siesby.

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