Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix is ​​the flagship of Danish motorsport. CHGP is Denmark’s largest sporting event at Bellahøj in Copenhagen – with action, drama, full speed and entertainment for the whole family.

This is where, over an entire weekend in August every year, we celebrate historic race cars and famous race drivers, especially our Danish icons, but also foreign stars.




CHGP 2024 is open as follows:

Friday august 2nd 2024 at 16:30-21:00 pm.
(Practice and entertainment on the track)

Saturday august 3rd 2024 at 08:00 – 18:00.

Sunday august 4th 2024 at 08:00 – 18:00.

A valid ticket is required to enter the CHGP.

All tickets must be exchanged for ACCESSBRACELETS at the entrances, as it is the bracelets that give access to the CHGP area.

There are three (3) entrances for CHGP, and there’s ticket offices at all of these. This year there is no entrance at the old Entrance EAST.

Indgang NORTH – Victory Security
Indgang NORTH – Victory Security er beliggende på Borups Allé ved Frederikssundvej.

Entrance SOUTH
Entrance SOUTH is located on the corner of Hulgårdsvej and Hvidkildevej.
At entrance SOUTH you will also find the CHGP INFO TENT.

Entrance WEST
Entrance WEST is located on the corner of Hvidkildevej and Bellahøjvej.
At the WEST entrance you will also find access for disabled people in wheelchairs.

Information for the disabled and companions can be found at the bottom of the page.

No animals are allowed on the grounds of CHGP, however fully trained and registered guide and assistance dogs are welcome.

Please contact our information on tel. 86 51 99 29 so that preparations can be clarified before your arrival. However, it is not recommended that the animals are exposed to loud noises from some of our Motorsport activities.

Guide and assistance dogs are not permitted in the stables, garages or pits.

  • Collection of deposit bottles and cans is prohibited.
  • Theft, vandalism, inappropriate and gross behavior will be reported to the police and will mean immediate expulsion.
  • Bicycles can only be brought in at the West Entrance on Bellahøjvej immediately after the last race (approx. 20:00) and must be out again before 07:00. Bicycles are not allowed on the bridges.


You can buy tickets before the event starts on our website with the link bellow:

You can buy tickets for CHGP 2024 through our website now.

Buy a ticket here!

It is NOT possible to buy tickets at the office in Ishøj.

When you buy a ticket online, the ticket fee is DKK 45 per ticket, which goes to cover administration costs and payment charges.

Children from 0-11 years (up to and including 11 years) are FREE with a paying adult.

NOTE: Max 3 children per. paying adult.
However, children must still wear an access bracelet. These are handed out at the ticket offices at each entrance on the weekend.

Children from 5 years must buy a grandstand additional ticket to get a seat.

VIP Grand Prix Club:
In our Grand Prix Club, children up to and including 3 years old have free access accompanied by a paying adult. Access for children between 4-11 years can be purchased for a lower price. Find Grand Prix Club tickets here!

Race For Riget

Race for Riget is an indispensable element in the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix and a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the skilled race drivers as they practice their spectacular craft.

For one hour both Saturday and Sunday, it is possible for spectators and visitors to the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix at Bellahøj Park to buy a coveted ride on the exciting race track, and all funds raised are donated uncut to the BørneUngeProgrammet at Rigshospitalet.

You can find more info as well as which racing drivers participate here.


Once the race program is ready, you can find it here!
You can find the schedule for the weekend here!


In connection with holding CHGP in the area near Bellahøj, a number of roads in the area will be closed.

You will find the closure plan when it has been approved by Copenhagen Municipality and Copenhagen Police here.

We have deployed shuttle buses, which run at a shuttle service between Flintholm Station and Bellahøj Park.


Kl. 16:00 – 22:00.


Kl. 07:30 – 19:00.

The route to be taken is: Flintholm Station. – Grøndals Parkvej – Rebildvej – Sallingvej – Hillerødgade – Borups Alle – Bellahøj.

Retur ad: Frederikssundsvej – Hulgårdsvej – Borups Alle – Hillerødgade – Sallingvej – Rebildvej – Grøndals Parkvej – Flintholm Station.

On the bus, tickets must be purchased according to Movia’s regular fare system, including the possibility of using a Rejsekort.

There is a limited number of parking spaces in the area around CHGP. The public is therefore asked to use public transport. This will make it easy for everyone.

Bus rerouting in regards to CHGp will be published on

Useful information

THE TRACK is approx. 2.4 km long paved race track built especially for CHGP at Bellahøj. It is wide but very challenging, with many turns and a good long straight.

From the starting line on Bellahøjvej, the track runs counterclockwise downhill, along the way they encounter several 90 degree turns, a Monaco type of chicane, a bus stop chicane and a challenging left turn before ending on the superb straight, where there is real speed amongst the drivers.

It is surrounded by concrete and car barriers, supplemented by a 2 meter high wire fence, so that maximum safety is achieved. In the inner circle you will find the paddock, exhibition area, food stalls, relaxation areas and much more.

See the entire area map here!

A medical tent will be placed on the site, which will be used in case of minor accidents.

In addition, there will be a close dialogue with the emergency services at all times, including the police, rescue workers and the fire brigade.

Remember to visit our Merchandise shop on Main Street. You can already TODAY buy a number of our Merchandise in our webshop.

There are plenty of food stalls and bars spread across the area. In the area near Belsø Street, you’ll find a larger food-court with covered seating.
It is not allowed to bring drinks and food into the event. (It is permitted to bring 1 open bottle of water, as well as baby food)

Are you coming from afar, or do you simply want the ultimate weekend with full focus on the race? Then we have a good offer for you! In 2024, we have entered into a collaboration with AC Bella Sky, where you can book a room under CHGP with a discount. Read more here.

Disability service

Everyone is welcome at CHGP. If you have special needs or are a wheelchair user, you can find information about the conditions below.

People with special needs buy regular tickets for CHGP. Wheelchair-users and people with special needs have free access to the handicap podium near the start/finish line. Companions for disabled people can present a valid companion card may stay on the podium, if there is space. Other wheelchair users and people with special needs therefore have priority. If access to other seating stands on the square is desired, general grandstand tickets for both the disabled and companion needs to be purchased. There will be access control at the podium and, if necessary, companions/family can follow. We recommend that only people with a need for this stay on the podiums, as space is limited.

As a companion with a valid companion card from Danish Handicap Organizations (or an equivalent, foreign card), you can, upon presentation of this, be given a free access wristband in the company of paying disabled person. It is a prerequisite that you have a valid companion card issued by the Danish Handicap Organisation’s User Service.

Admission for children up to and including 11 years old is free when accompanied by a paying adult, but a free wristband is not given to a disabled child accompanied by a non-paying companion.

As a wheelchair user to CHGP, please arrive at Entrance West.

The crossing for wheelchair users is at “Restaurant Bellahøj” around the start/finish. Crossing can only take place between heats and only for wheelchair users + companion (possibly immediate family). Larger accompanying walking groups are asked to cross the bridge, due to limited time to cross the lane. Restricted to those with difficulty passing the bridge via the stairs.

A very limited number of disabled parking spaces have been set aside as close as possible to the West Entrance. To get to the disabled parking spaces, a visible and valid parking card issued by Danish Handicap Organizations must be presented to our guards. Handicap parking works on a first-come, first-served basis.

Find our map of easiest access to disabled parking here!

In the area, there are disabled-friendly toilet facilities at the start/finish, as well as in the Grøndal MultiCenter.

CHGP finds place on and around the Bellahøj field. We try to make the evnt as accessible as possible, but difficulties may be experienced in some places due to the type of land.

If you have questions that are not answered on this page, you are very welcome to contact us at [email protected]. This of course also applies if you have good ideas for how we can improve ourselves/your experience.

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