At CHGP, we are both proud and thankful to be summer guests at Bellahøj. In the period up to and during the summer’s major motorsport weekend, the residents of Bellahøj are at the center of events. We are extremely hankful for the confidence that we are shown. Simultaneously, we wish to do our utmost to ensure that the events cause as little inconvenience as possible to the residents of the immediate area.



CHGP in the local area

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (CHGP) is the flagship of Danish motorsport. CHGP is Denmark’s largest sporting event at Bellahøj in Copenhagen – with action, drama, full speed and entertainment for the whole family.

This is where, over an entire weekend in August every year, we celebrate historic race cars and famous race drivers, especially our Danish icons, but also foreign stars.

It has always been incumbent on us as organizers that the inconveniences we inflict on our neighbors should be as minimal as possible. Therefore, we are in close dialogue throughout the year with owner associations, etc., just as we have established a hotline during the construction, which can help with any problems.

It is our goal to use local business people and associations in the local area, and Brønshøj Husum Sports Club (BHI) is an excellent example of how we in collaboration with a Sports Association help each other. BHI’s members are, against payment to the club, responsible for cleaning the area on and around Bellahøjmarken.

In connection with the CHGP, the Race For Riget charity event is held, where race drivers make themselves and their car available in the service of the good cause. The public can get a round on the track, with payment, and all the proceeds go to the charity.

Since 2010, Race for Riget has raised over 4 million, which has primarily been donated to the BørneOgUnge program at Rigshospitalet, and thus has made the difficult everyday life for patients and relatives a little easier.

Read more about Race for Riget here!

CHGP evaluates every year together with, among others, the City of Copenhagen, and it is an objective every year to improve the event itself and reduce any annoyances.

According to the permit from the City of Copenhagen, training and running may be run on the closed track for the following periods:

Friday 17:00 – 23:00

Saturday 08:00 – 20:00

Sunday 08:00 – 20:00

The race program is adapted, so possibly delays do not exceed the above times. You can find the preliminary race program here when it is published.


As a thank you for the loan of streets and alleys, we invite more than 10,000 neighbors in the local area to CHGP for free and almost 1,000 residents in the local area each year say yes to the invitation and pick up their personal access bracelet.
How to get your ticket:

You must personally go to the CHGP sekrariatet at the Bellahøj field in person from Wednesday the August 2nd 2023 – tursday the 3rd of august 2023 in the time period kl. 15-19 og friday the 4th of august kl. 11-15.

You must bring your yellow health card, which is used when issuing your wristband. The access bracelet is for individual use. Access bracelets and health card (sundhedskort) belong together and must both be presented at CHGP upon request.

In order to facilitate dispatch, it will be an advantage, also for you, if the whole household shows up together and wears wristbands.

See here where to pick up your ticket bracelet.

ACCESS BRACLET – is put on your wrist when handed out.

The bracelet is made of fabric and can withstand washing and bathing. Misuse will lead to the withdrawal of access bracelets and expulsion from the CHGP.

We look forward to seeing a lot of residents for this year’s family event at Bellahøj.

If you live at one of the following addresses, we would like to invite you to COPENHAGEN HISTORIC GRAND PRIX on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Bakkevej, nr. 1-51, 2-52
Bellahøjvej, nr. 4, 6, 8, 22, 34, 40, 44
Blåbærvej 1-6
Borups Allé, number 201-259 (uneven), 244-284 (even)
Frederikssundsvej, nr. 106-116 (lige), 116a-c, 85-123 (ulige)
Gemmet, nr. 2
Genforeningspladsen, nr. 1-51, 2-52
Godthåbsvej 260-270 (even)
Grysgårdsvej, nr. 1-23, 2-20
Hareskovvej, nr. 1-5
Hindbærvej 1-5
Hulgårdsvej, number 2-146 (even), 1-73 (uneven), 135-143 (uneven)
Hvidkildevej, nr. 4-62 (lige), 39-125 (ulige)
Hyldebærvej 1-20
Markvej, nr. 1-51, 2-54
Mågevej, nr. 1-15
Rødkildevej, nr. 2-76
Slåenvej 1-18
Sokkelundsvej 2-20
Tværvangen, nr. 1-19, 2-14
Tyttebærvej 1-8
Utterslevvej, nr. 1-9
Ved Bellahøj Nord, number 1-7 (uneven), 2-16 (even)
Ved Bellahøj Syd, number 9-25 (uneven), 18-30 (even)
Vognborgvej, nr. 1-15, 2-18
Æblevej, nr. 43-60


Together with the Technical and Environmental Administration (TMF) in the City of Copenhagen and the Copenhagen Police, the road closures are approved. This is announced on signs both in the local area and on the major access and exit roads, as well as with information on the traffic radio and coverage on TV2 Lorry.

With regard to accessibility, TMF also notes the following:

“The administration assesses that there are reasonable detour options as a replacement for the Frederikssundsvej tunnel in the local area by using Utterslevvej, Frederikssundsvej, Rådvadsvej and Frederiksborgvej, which have the capacity to handle the increased traffic load. As the race is held on a weekend, the administration further assesses that the accessibility during the event will not differ significantly from normal rush hour traffic, where the travel time is extended due to heavy driving and limited queues. ”

You will find an overview of the road closures here.

Some residents in the area have wondered, that the parking prohibited signs are set up long in advance before the actual erection begins. This was due to the rules by the City of Copenhagen, which require that for a certain period BEFORE the parking is prohibited goes into effect, residents and road users must be notify of this order, to ensure they are informed well in advance.

In connection with CHGP and the road closures around Bellahøj Park, other cycle routes are recommended as alternatives to Hulgårdsvej and Bellahøj Vej.

See the map over alternative bike routes here!

The CHGP race can be watched within short distance of the track on DVB-T signal on 670 MHz, canal 46.


In 2017, TMF in the City of Copenhagen carried out noise measurements during the uptake and dismantling phase of the track and concludes that the noise level does not differ from a normal one. weekday. However, it is important for us as organizers to minimize any further noise nuisance, which is why we have applied to extend the building and taking down of the course, by one day at each end in order to minimize work with heavy equipment after kl. 22.00 at the dwellings closest to the course, ie. Hvidkildevej and Hulgårdsvej.

However, work will take place in these places on the night between Sunday the 6. august 2023 og mandag den 7. august 2023, for at kunne åbne de store veje inden myldretiden kl. 05.00.

During the event itself, all participating cars must meet the noise requirements under the Danish Automobile Sports Union (DASU) and for this purpose, Teknisk Kontrol, in a specially designed area, selects the participating cars for noise measurement test. Participating cars that do not meet the noise requirements are excluded.

Regarding noise measurement during the event itself, TMF states the following:

“In 2017, the administration measured the noise load during the race to be approx. 95 dB. On Wednesday 4 October 2017, the administration carried out a measurement of the background noise on a normal weekday. The measurement was made in the period between kl. 12.00 and kl. 13.30 at three observation points on the route. The measurements show a noise level between 65dB (A) and 70 dB (A) with a calculated daily average noise between 61 dB and 73 dB. The results are associated with a great deal of uncertainty, as the noise must be assumed to be dependent on the traffic load. A measurement during rush hours will give a result that is estimated to be up to 10 dB (A) higher. ”*

Going forward, ie. from 2018, the motorcycles will not participate, as among other things these in 2017 were closest to the upper noise limit set.

The City of Copenhagen has further required the CHGP to make noise measurements continuously during the event to thereby ensure that any. cars exceeding the noise limit are taken out of the race.

On its own initiative, CHGP has applied for and received approval from the City of Copenhagen to set up so-called noise mats, known from Metrobyggeriet, along houses on Hvidkildevej.

In conclusion, it should also be mentioned that the roads in the period between approx. 19:00 and at 08:00 next morning Friday to Saturday and Saturday to Sunday are still closed to traffic, and thus the noise level is significantly lower than usual.

However, compared to the regular traffic on weekdays, the historic cars drive significantly less. All in all, the historic cars drive a total of approx. 11,500 km on a race day (16 heats with 25 cars running 12 laps of 2.4 km). In comparison, approx. 40,000 cars drive on Borups Allé on a weekday between 07:00 and 19:00, and there are approx. 20,000 cars driving on Hulgårdsvej. This corresponds to the cars driving together approx. 60,000 km in the area around Bellahøj on a weekday (approx. 1 km per car per road). It is approx. 5 times as many km driven during the race weekend.

* TMF recommendation for TMU on the 6th October 2017:

Apart from the fact that there are no vehicles on the track in the period between approx. at 19 and at 08 next morning during the race weekend, TMF assesses that the air pollution does not differ from an ordinary weekday:

“The administration still estimates that the total air pollution in the area is the same as the normal traffic emits.”

You have the opportunity to get in touch with Copenhagen Municipality as follows:

Supervision of the Copenhagen Municipality CHGP

Other than noise nuisance

Renè, mobile: 5146 5556

Friday: 16:00 – 20:00, Renè

Saturday: 08:00 – 20:00 Renè

Sunday: 08:00 – 17:00, Renè

Noise nuisance

Henrik, mobile: 2615 2546

Saturday and Sunday



RESIDENT CONTACT Telephone time: tuesday & thursday 9:00-12:00
From the 1.-6. August 9:00-19:00


From season 2022, the resident information will only be available online.


On this page, we provide you with all the necessary information so that we are of the least possible inconvenience to you before, during and after Copenhagen’s biggest street race. If, contrary to expectations, some information is missing that you specifically need, you are more than welcome to contact us. You will find the information at the bottom of this page.

Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix (CHGP) is an organization that aims to create a motorsport event on an international level in Copenhagen. CHGP is also ”Race for Riget”, which collects money that goes directly to Rigshospitalet’s daily life with children and young people.

In 2019, Rigshospitalet’s Children and Youth Program received a donation of over DKK 670,000. Since Race for Riget first rolled out onto the tarmac at the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix in 2010, more than DKK 3.5 million has been donated to charity. The BørneUngeProgrammet has, among other things, used the donation from 2019 for a newly developed E-Sports centre, which is frequently used.

Orientation on the conditions in connection with CHGP 2022. In general, we aim for the following: Set-up and take-down are carried out as quickly as possible for the sake of traffic flow. Noisy work is carried out, to the greatest extent possible, during the day, but with the tight time frame not everything can be avoided at night. Necessary and noisy night work should be carried out as far away from residential areas as possible.



How to get your ticket:

You must personally go to the CHGP sekrariatet at the Bellahøj field in person from Wednesday the 3rd August 2022 – Thursday the 4th August 2022 in the time period 15:00-19:00 and Friday the 5th august kl. 11-15.

You must bring your yellow health card, which is used when issuing your wristband. The access bracelet is for individual use. Access bracelets and health card (sundhedskort) belong together and must both be presented at CHGP upon request.

In order to facilitate dispatch, it will be an advantage, also for you, if the whole household shows up together and wears wristbands.

If you live at one of the following addresses, we would like to invite you to COPENHAGEN HISTORIC GRAND PRIX on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Bakkevej, number 1-51, 2-52
Bellahøjvej, number 4, 6, 8, 22, 34, 40, 44
Borups Allé, number 201-259 (uneven), 244-284 (even)
Frederikssundsvej, number 106-114 (even), 85-123 (uneven)
Gemmet, number 2
Genforeningspladsen, number 1-51, 2-52
Godthåbsvej 260-270 (even)
Grysgårdsvej, number 1-23, 2-20
Hareskovvej, number 1-5
Hulgårdsvej, number 2-146 (even), 1-73 (uneven), 135-143 (uneven)
Hvidkildevej, number 4-62 (even), 39-125 (uneven)
Markvej, number 1-51, 2-54
Mågevej, number 11-15
Rødkildevej, number 2-76
Sokkelundsvej number 2-20
Tværvangen, number 1-19, 2-14
Utterslevvej, number 1-9
Ved Bellahøj Nord, number 1-7 (uneven), 2-16 (even)
Ved Bellahøj Syd, number 9-25 (uneven), 18-30 (even)
Vognborgvej, number 1-15, 2-18
Æblevej, number 45-53, 52-60

15th of july Unloading of materials at Circus Square begins.
25th of july  Establishment of a construction site on parking area at Grøndal MultiCenter-Nord.
26th of july  Establishment of the track and area begins.
1st of august Race secretary is established.
2nd of august Closure of Bellahøjvej from Frederikssundsvej-Godthåbsvej (open for resident and errand traffic to Ved Bellahøj Syd), Frederikssundsvej narrows v. swimming stadion. Setting up equestrian farm tents in parking area at Grøndal MultiCenter-Syd (public parking limited)
3rd of august  Closure of Hvidkildevej from Genforeningspladsen to Bellahøjvej.
28th – 9th aug. Bus rerouting. Available at and Shuttle bus: Saturday and Sunday: Flintholm St. – Hillerødgade – Borups Allé – Frederiksundsvej and return.
4th of aug. Closure of other roads: Hulgårdsvej from Borups Allé-Hillerødgade, Borups Allé from Hulgårdsvej- Frederikssundsvej. Exhibitors begin setting up.
5th – 7th aug.  Svømmestadion og Grøndal MultiCenter er lukket for offentligheden. Frederikssundsvej tunnelen lukkes. (Begge vognbaner mod Hillerødmotorvejen holdes åbent under hele perioden).
5. aug. Kortege af udvalgte deltagerbiler kører fra Grøndal MultiCenter til Rådhuset kl. 12.
5th – 7th aug.  ARRANGEMENT:
Afvikling iht. program jf. Ændringer kan forekomme.
Fredag 5. aug. Træning inden for tidsrummet 17.00 – 22.00
Lørdag og søndag 6. og 7. aug. Afvikling af program inden for tidsrummet 08.00 – 20.00
7. – 12. aug. Banen nedtages
8. aug. kl. 05. Åbning af Frederikssundsvej, Borups Allé, Hulgårdsvej, Frederikssundsvej tunnelen (arbejdskørsel forekommer)
9. aug. kl. 22. Åbning af Hvidkildevej (arbejdskørsel forekommer)
10. aug. Kl. 22. Åbning af Bellahøjvej (arbejdskørsel forekommer)


*Changes to the program and structure may occur.

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